Jan 28 2014

The Art of Entertaining…Your Cat

How do I get my cat to play? My cat just lays around all day, how do I get him moving? My cat hates all of his toys but loves to play with a pen cap, why? These are all questions that we hear regularly, it is not that you are a bad host to the cat in your home it is just that we don’t always know the right tools for entertaining our finicky felines.

Most dogs are easy to entertain. Give them a tennis ball and they will be excited to chase that ball 10 times a day for the next 15 years. A cat on the other hand would look at the tennis ball with disdain or boredom. The problem is that cats are prey driven and that ball doesn’t do anything. We have to think about the kinds of things that your cat would chase if they were in the wild-mice, birds and bugs.

When you go to the store to get them a toy think about these items and try to find something that would be similar. The pen cap mentioned earlier is exciting because it spins and jumps around on the floor when they paw at it like a grasshopper would.

Next, think about their environment, in the wild cats like to be high in the air to observe the scene Cat Shelvesbelow them. Consider shelves or a cat tree that they can sit on to survey their surroundings. Consider putting perches near a window to allow them see outside.

And finally, let them be the hunter they long to be. Hide their food around the house and make them search for it or better yet teach them how to play hide and seek with you! Take a look at this link too; it gives many more ideas on how you can be the best host to your feline friend http://indoorpet.osu.edu/cats/problemsolving/activity/index.cfm

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