Benefits of visiting a Cat Friendly Practice

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We are proud to be certified as a Cat Friendly Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. As a certified Cat Friendly Practice, we have made specific changes to provide a more calming environment for you and your cat.   We can provide tips about how to reduce stress before and after the visit, including how to help you make the carrier a familiar space.

Our staff members have been trained in how to approach and handle cats in a gentle, empathetic, and caring manner. We have even made physical adjustments to make the visit more positive for you and your cat. The CFP certificate on a veterinarian’s wall is earned. The practice must meet a comprehensive checklist of performance criteria to verify that staff members are especially qualified and dedicated to making every visit as pleasant and beneficial for you and your cat. When you see the CFP designation at a practice, you can be confident your cat will be given exceptional care and attention through all phases of the visit including examinations, procedures, and hospitalization. The Cat Friendly Practice distinction indicates that our practice has demonstrated higher levels of commitment and excellence in feline medicine.  Our staff has also been trained in feline-friendly handling and understanding cat behavior in order to increase the quality of care for your cat.

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How Can I Benefit from Visiting a Cat Friendly Practice?

Below are some specific ways in which cat owners can benefit from visiting a Cat Friendly Practice:

  • We make every effort to have a calming environment.
  • Whenever possible, to reduce stress associated with noise, other pets or unfamiliar smells, feline patients go directly into our feline-centric exam room.
  • Our staff are trained to understand the individualized needs of cats including feline specific facial and behavior cues.
  • We have implemented the Feline-Friendly Handling Guidelines to facilitate a more positive experience.
  • We use a slow approach to achieve positive results.
  • We develop an individual plan based on your cat’s specific needs, preferences and behaviors.
  • We implement ways to make you and your cat be as comfortable as possible.
  • Our staff continually obtain education on the most current feline research and guidelines.
  • We will help ensure that you are a valuable member of your cat’s healthcare team and help you understand your cat’s needs and what you can do at home to ensure they get the care they need.
  • We use synthetic feline facial pheromones for a calming effect.
  • We have a feline-centric examination room that provides a safe, non-threatening area where cats can be examined calmly and effectively.
  • We have experience to recognize subtle, early signs of fear or anxiety and adapt appropriately.
  • Our cat ward, hospitalization area and operating room have been assessed to include appropriate feline equipment, tools and procedures.




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