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Dogs Eat the Craziest Things

During a recent conversation at our hospital we were recalling all of the objects we have removed from our canine patients’ stomachs and one fact was very apparent, dogs eat the craziest things. From underwear to socks, rocks to dish towels, and even baby pacifiers.

As if on cue my own French Bulldog Stuey started vomiting. I brought him to the hospital for some x-rays and long story short, removed 10 pacifiers from his stomach. I decided that Stuey would be a great example for my first blog. I should have recognized his addiction a long time ago, I even have a picture of him when he was a puppy chewing on my child’s pacifier, ah…so adorable.

Fast forward 4 years and that sweet photo op is not so adorable anymore. The point of this little story is that dogs are opportunists and most will take what they can get if we leave it out for them. Even the best trained (not my dog) and smartest (definitely not my dog) animals can get themselves into trouble so it is up to us to keep them safe and protected.