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Dog Breeds I Miss Seeing

I have seen so many breeds in my years as a veterinarian and there are many that have tugged at my heartstrings and I truly miss seeing them.

To start off my list we will discuss the BIG breeds-Mastiff, Pit Bull, Saint Bernard, Newfoundland. These guys are big, strong and generally sweethearts. Unfortunately they also outweigh my staff members at the moment so please consider that (and my chiropractic bills) when choosing one of these.

Next on my list is the Standard Poodle – I LOVE THIS BREED!! We see oodles of doodle mixes but consider the original as an option. They are smart, regal, easily trained and generally very calm. Keep this breed on your radar for a great family pet.

Greyhounds-The greyhound is about as loving and loyal as they come, always up for a run or backyard romp but just as happy lying around the house.

Brussels Griffon-An adorable mustached dog with lots of personality, it makes a great pet and is good with other dogs and cats. Affectionate, charming, lively and curious, they love everyone.

Finally, the magnificent mutts- Half of the fun of getting a mutt is guessing what they are made up of and finding out what they will look like when they are fully grown.

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