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Cat Breeds I Miss Seeing

Although pure bred cats are a lot less common in my practice than pure bred dogs there are several breeds that have won my affection over the years. Maine Coon-This cat is a big fluffy long haired cat that has a very relaxed disposition. A Maine Coon will be your companion, your buddy, your pal. They tend to get along with other cats as well as dogs.

Scottish Fold-While I am not that familiar with the breed in my practice these cats make the list because of their unique look. They constantly look surprised or startled and that just makes me laugh. British Shorthair-These cats with their big round head and saucer-like eyes make for a great pet. They can be very loving and are great with kids.

Ragdolls-Much like their name suggests this breed is just a big floppy love bug. They are great with kids and dogs and have a very easy going personality.

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