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Supplementing Your Nutraceutical Knowledge

There are so many supplements being marketed to pet owners each day to improve the quality of your pet’s life. These nutraceuticals or supplements claim to help with everything from arthritis,urinary issues and dental disease to anxiety and cancer.

Can these products be beneficial? Absolutely. The concern that I have with all of these new products is that they are not really regulated by anyone. There is no one monitoring whether what is in the product actually matches what is on the label, maybe that 600 mg of glucosamine is actually just dust off of the factory floor.

The best thing you can do for your pet is speak with your veterinarian. The products we carry or recommend have undergone testing that ensures what is claimed to be in the product really is. The testing these companies perform also examines the bioavailability of their supplement.

This means that we know how much of the product is really being used by your pet’s body. Your veterinarian will also know if a product has worked for their other clients and what side effects, if any, you should be aware of.

This past Friday evening Town & Country Veterinary Hospital sponsored a booth at the Arthritis Walk at Logan College. Dr. Wallach, Chrissy and Wrigley had a great time meeting new faces and seeing a few of our clients at this great event designed to raise money and awareness of arthritis in both people and pets.

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