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Furry Friends and Firework Phobias

The Fourth of July is upon us and while we are enjoying the sights and sounds of the rockets red glare, our furry friends might not feel as patriotic. Between the flashes of light and the loud booms of the fireworks, this holiday can be particularly scary for your pets. Here are a few tips to help your pet cope with the stresses of the Fourth of July.

  • Leave your pet at home- Do not take a pet with noise phobia to an outdoor event, the potential for them to run away is very high. If they are coming with you be sure to have proper identification including a microchip.
  • Provide a comforting “safe spot” in your house. It might include their crate if they are used to one or a favorite bed or blanket.
  • Stay relaxed and act normal while at home. Be sure to praise any calm behavior that your pet may exhibit.
  • Talk with your veterinarian about herbal supplements they may be effective in reducing stress.
  • In extreme cases your veterinarian may prescribe some type of sedative.

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