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Happy National Dog Day!

As we celebrate National Dog Day it is a good time to reflect on why man’s best friend is just so darn fabulous.

  1. They are always excited to see us. Like seriously, you could just go into the bathroom and come out and they are waiting for you, tail wagging happily as if they just won the jackpot.
  2. They are our protectors. Is there a strange sound in the middle of the night or a lunatic June bug buzzing outside the window? They will be on alert and protect you with every inch of their body.
  3. There is a size, color and temperament for everyone. They are one of the most diverse species I can think of.
  4. They are so trainable. I have seen dogs do everything from fetch the morning paper to perform a choreographed dance routine.
  5. They make us laugh. Sometimes it is just a look they give us or their reaction to a commercial on TV. Whatever it is, they make us happier just by being themselves.
  6. They love us, no matter what, unconditionally forever and ever.

Hug your dog today and let them know just how thankful you are that they are in your life.

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