Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

One of the first questions that new pet owners ask me is “Is pet insurance worth it?” In my opinion pet insurance is a great idea. I know that there are many different tiers of coverage; they include everything from emergencies and major surgery to routine care and preventative medicine.

I feel like most people can prepare for the routine and preventative care of their pets but the area where insurance can literally save a life is with emergencies and surgery.

How does pet insurance work?

The standard among veterinary pet insurance companies is to reimburse the owner after the claim has been submitted. You will pay your veterinarian in full and then submit the claim.

There are so many companies, how do I know which one to pick?

Your veterinarian may have some recommendations based on other clients’ experiences but the best way to look at the various companies is to read reviews from actual users. One website that can be helpful is They have actual comments from owners that have used different companies and they rate them based on ease of use and coverage on claims.