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Holiday Hazards-Cat Edition

‘Tis the season for holiday gatherings and decorations around the house. This is also a time for your feline friend to find many health hazards as well. The holiday season presents some new challenges to keeping your cool cat safe and healthy. Read on to find out more about how to protect your cat from several holiday dangers.

Raw dough-Yes cookie baking and bread making might be in full force in your house but make sure your kitty stays clear of raw dough. The yeast can expand and cause a very serious condition called bloat. Flowers-If you have decked your halls with beautiful plants and greenery watch out for the poisonous ones that may cause serious illnesses.

Candles-Your furry friend may be drawn to the warmth of the menorah candles but singed fur and whiskers are no fun for anyone. Christmas Tree Water-Tree water can become stagnant and be a host for all kinds of bacteria that can be harmful to a cat.

Glass Ornaments-Most cats are excited about climbing into a Christmas tree but even the most agile cat can knock off an ornament or two. Watch out for broken glass that may cut those little paws. Tinsel, Ribbons and String-Those fun things that make your gifts look so pretty are also quite inviting for a curious cat.

While supervised playtime with a string is a great form of exercise, make sure to put them up when you are not with them so they do not ingest the string and cause intestinal problems.