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Skip the Fuzzy Friends this Easter

It is Easter time again and the lure of soft bunnies and fluffy baby chicks is all around us. Each year thousands of real bunnies and chicks are purchased for Easter baskets and about 80% of them end up in shelters or even let out into the wild where they are not equipped to survive.

Before you bestow one of these adorable babies on a friend or relative here are some facts to take into consideration.

  • Young rabbits are often skittish and anti social.
  • Rabbits can live for 10-12 years, they must be spayed or neutered just like a dog or cat
  • Chickens can live on average about 7 years.
  • Rabbits need a cage about 6 times the size of an adult rabbit with a litter box and plenty of toys, they also require about 30-40 hours of playtime each week.
  • Chicks and rabbits are very fragile and do not tolerate being handled by children very well.
  • There is no guarantee that your chick is a female and roosters are prohibited in many urban areas.
  • Will the recipient of your gift want to take on the financial responsibility of a pet for the next decade?