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The Terrifying Truth About Ticks

We can all agree that ticks are creepy little bloodsucking creatures. What you may not know is that they can transmit many different diseases to both you and your pet and the number of diseases that they carry is steadily growing. In just the last few years two new diseases transmitted by ticks have been diagnosed in the Midwest.

Tick-borne illnesses in pets can cause anemia, lethargy, fever, kidney damage and swollen or painful joints as well as many other symptoms including death.

The best way to prevent your pet from acquiring one of these diseases is to protect them year round with an effective tick control product. You can help make your environment a little less inviting to ticks by treating the yard with a pet safe product, deterring wild animals from visiting your yard and creating 3 foot landscaped border of rock or mulch between the lawn and any woods or fields that may back up to your lot. This will not eliminate ticks in your environment but it will slow down the migration of the ticks into your yard.