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At Town & Country Veterinary Hospital our prime objective is to give you and your pet the best quality medicine, surgery, and customer service. In addition to our caring and compassionate staff and the latest medical advances, we also strive to offer a fear free environment. This allows for calm veterinary patients and a low stress environment which encourages better healthcare and more satisfied clients and patients.

Coming into the vet office can elicit anxiety for both you and your pets. Thankfully our staff is specially trained in companion animal behavior and calming techniques to ensure you and your pet have an outstanding vet visit. We use a fear free approach to veterinary medicine to help eliminate these anxieties and to make your visit more enjoyable.

A fear free approach starts at home. We work with our clients to teach techniques such as how to acclimate your cat to the carrier and transport it to the hospital in the least stressful way. We can discuss how you can use pheromone sprays, calming music, and other simple tips that can be used before even entering the veterinary hospital.

Our staff works hard to minimize the time patients spend in the waiting area. By staying on schedule and preparing for your visit ahead of time, we can welcome each patient into their species specific exam room in a timely manner. This decreases stressful interactions and noise in the waiting room which can increase anxiety. We can also complete the check-out process in the exam room to keep your pet more calm and comfortable.

We use lots of food rewards (unless medically contraindicated), so you’ll notice a variety of tasty treats provided during your pet’s visit. Most puppies enjoy our exams and treats so much that they don’t even notice their vaccinations have been given!

There are even differences in the way we examine our patients. With our feline friends you will often see our staff move slower and speak softly as cats are anxious with new things and people. You may notice us examining your cat while he faces you. When examined from behind, and looking at the owner, cats feel more secure. Nervous pets are given a little more time to warm up to us. Our veterinary staff may even get down on the floor with them to ease fears and build their confidence. We may even examine your cat within the bottom portion of their pet carrier depending on their comfort level.

Pet parents can be uneasy about veterinary visits too. We want you to know that our staff will take the time with every owner to educate and explain all of our findings and concerns about your pet. We strive to have no question left unanswered and to create the best treatment plans for your pet.

We work hard with our clients and patients to provide a fear free experience at our veterinary hospital!


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