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Importance of Annual Bloodwork for Your Pet

When most people hear “bloodwork” for their pet they may not understand the true value of this testing. Annual bloodwork can provide early detection and allow us to start a […]

Laser Treatments for Your Pet

Laser Therapy for Your Pet What is Laser Therapy? The Companion therapy laser system sends photons, or packets of light energy, deep into tissue without damaging it. These photons are […]

What Do I Feed My Pet?

In today’s market there is an overwhelming number of food options for your pet. How do you know what to feed? What ingredients are best? Should you feed grain free, […]

Breed Specific Rescues-A Growing Trend

What do you do when you are looking for a new dog and you have your heart set on a certain breed? You have done your research and feel like […]

Bailey’s Acupuncture Journey

Bailey is a 6 ½ year old chocolate lab. She has a history of chronic lameness in her hips and also some mild back pain. We initially put Bailey on […]

Community Outreach

Town & Country Veterinary Hospital realizes the importance of educating the public about pets and pet health. One of the ways we do this is thru community outreach. Today Dr. […]

Water Safety For Your Pooch

The idea of taking a nice cool dip in the pool or lake may seem refreshing and relaxing for both you and your pets, but keep in mind some safety […]

The Terrifying Truth About Ticks

We can all agree that ticks are creepy little bloodsucking creatures. What you may not know is that they can transmit many different diseases to both you and your pet […]

Bi-Monthly Brushing, It’s Not Enough

Are you brushing FiFi’s teeth at home? This is a very common question I present during every annual checkup. Many clients say no, others admit to a few times a […]

Curbside Service

To better serve our patients and pet owners, Town and Country Veterinary Hospital is now offering curbside pickup! When it’s time to refill your pet’s medications, preventatives, or prescription diets […]

Influenza Outbreak in Dogs and Cats as of 4/13/15

There has been close to an epidemic outbreak in canine influenza recently. It has been centered in Chicago, IL with over 1,000 cases being reported and currently 5 deaths associated […]