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The Terrifying Truth About Ticks

We can all agree that ticks are creepy little bloodsucking creatures. What you may not know is that they can transmit many different diseases to both you and your pet […]

Bi-Monthly Brushing, It’s Not Enough

Are you brushing FiFi’s teeth at home? This is a very common question I present during every annual checkup. Many clients say no, others admit to a few times a […]

Curbside Service

To better serve our patients and pet owners, Town and Country Veterinary Hospital is now offering curbside pickup! When it’s time to refill your pet’s medications, preventatives, or prescription diets […]

Influenza Outbreak in Dogs and Cats as of 4/13/15

There has been close to an epidemic outbreak in canine influenza recently. It has been centered in Chicago, IL with over 1,000 cases being reported and currently 5 deaths associated […]

Skip the Fuzzy Friends this Easter

It is Easter time again and the lure of soft bunnies and fluffy baby chicks is all around us. Each year thousands of real bunnies and chicks are purchased for […]

My Kids Want a Pet, What Should I Get?

So, your kids have been pestering you for a pet and you think they might be ready for the responsibility of one. The question is what should you get? The […]

Ditching the Doggy (or Kitty) Breath

February is Pet Dental Health Month in the veterinary world and there is good reason why we devote a whole month to dental disease in pets. By the age of […]

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Just like us, our dogs need exercise in the winter months too. If your dog is used to running or walking during the other seasons there is no reason why […]

Holiday Hazards-Cat Edition

‘Tis the season for holiday gatherings and decorations around the house. This is also a time for your feline friend to find many health hazards as well. The holiday season […]

The Reasons We Refer

Our first priority when treating your pet is to provide the highest standard of care and, in the event of an illness, ensure that we do everything that we can […]

Nicotine and Smoke Exposure In Your Pet

We all know that smoking is bad for you, but what you might not know is that it is very bad for your pets as well. Secondhand and thirdhand smoke […]

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

One of the first questions that new pet owners ask me is “Is pet insurance worth it?” In my opinion pet insurance is a great idea. I know that there […]