Nicotine and Smoke Exposure In Your Pet

We all know that smoking is bad for you, but what you might not know is that it is very bad for your pets as well. Secondhand and thirdhand smoke […]

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

One of the first questions that new pet owners ask me is “Is pet insurance worth it?” In my opinion pet insurance is a great idea. I know that there […]

Our Pet Pawty!!

This past Sunday our clinic hosted our first ever Pet Pawty. We had over 500 guests come and tour our hospital and stay for entertainment provided by the Purina Performance […]

Happy National Dog Day!

As we celebrate National Dog Day it is a good time to reflect on why man’s best friend is just so darn fabulous. They are always excited to see us. […]

Providing Long Term Care for Your Pet

While it is true that our furry friends do not live as long as we do, it is important to consider what would happen to them if we were to […]

Furry Friends and Firework Phobias

The Fourth of July is upon us and while we are enjoying the sights and sounds of the rockets red glare, our furry friends might not feel as patriotic. Between […]

Supplementing Your Nutraceutical Knowledge

There are so many supplements being marketed to pet owners each day to improve the quality of your pet’s life. These nutraceuticals or supplements claim to help with everything from […]

More to Love?

The most common medical condition I see in my clinic is obesity. Although we joke during the exam about “Chubby” having more to love, that extra weight puts the “Chubster” […]

Where the Wild Things Are

Every spring our phones are ringing off the hook with panicked calls about what to do with the “abandoned” baby bunnies and fawns or the little birds that have fallen […]

A Few Of My Not So Favorite Things

We all have that one part of our job that we just do not like. I am no exception to that fact. There is definitely a part of being a […]

Enriching Your Dog’s Environment

Do you ever look at your dog and think “Have you even moved today?” While they might seem content to just lounge around on the couch or their bed all […]